Rocking it Swedish Agent style

Words Written: 1,563

Cumulative Length: 19,051 words

Scene finished: Kind of?

The title is in reference to my writing length, and the first crack I ever made at short fiction, a story entitled Swedish Agent 563 I wrote when I was in middle school.

Speaking of which, those stories are online. I’m not going to link to them, because frankly, they’re embarassing, but it’s a hoot to read, and even compare to what I’m writing now. Hell, I almost look like a published novelist in comparison. As long as I never write about the “primary nonphysical reality matrix” ever again, I should be on that path.

The scene in Youngstown is done, but the meta-scene regarding Scott and Lance is not. I figured out this little personal subplot, and it should develop and partially resolve in another 5 to 7,000 words or so.


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