Coming together, or falling apart?

Words Written: 811

Cumulative Length: 40,484 words

Scene Finished? Yes

I’ve succeeded in making my climactic events draw out a bit, which is good. The actual climax and resolving action are supposed to come later, and this change in the events make that easier. It also may make the ending slightly more plausible.
Speaking of plausible…jeez. I’m now late enough in the story where it seems that every plot point I put in helps unravel an earlier one…either that, or is just floating on its own without any support. Like I realized…they have this cache of guns hidden on campus, but it never makes sense as to why. There needs to be some reason things escalate to the point they do in the climax…and I actually don’t have it yet. It’s actually OK to only put it out in the air now, but I’m going to have to point in whatever direction I choose a little more heavily in earlier scenes when I rewrite. With some of these things, I’m going to have my work cut out for me. For now, though, getting to the end and having the rough course of events in place is the most important task. It’s much more clear to me now that multiplying the length by 1.5 from first draft to first rewrite is entirely possible. Those extra 20-25,000 words are also going to take like four times longer to write than the first 40-50,000. Here we go.


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