On track

I have completed a handful of minor revisions today. I have two big scene revisions to do, and then I’ll probably need another read-through to start seeing more changes I want. Instead, I’m going to hand the draft off to a few of my friends who expressed interest in it, let them comment and critique, and in the intervening weeks, start another novel.

Yes, I’m serious.

I have another idea, probably going to be written in first person from a non-protagonist narrator. I have some ideas of this kid’s voice, but it’s going to take a bit of exploratory writing to tease it out. My hope is to have 10,000 words before I return to my first story for more revisions.

The working title of my first novel is “Guns and Brothers”, a terrible pun on “Guns and Butter”, the economics concept. I’m really hoping I come up with something better before I start trying to shop this.


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