Moving Very Slowly

First, this nonsense.

Now, I say this because of two things. First, I wrote a measly 400 words tonight. This rewrite is taking a lot of time, mostly because I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen yet. The next scene, though, will be awkward. Speaking of rewrite, I’m rewriting the last, er, 20 pages or so. So that’s 5,000 words, maybe a bit more. So that’s more than I thought, and will require some extensive revamping of…everything. But hey. If many elements of the ending seem hokey and contrived, it may be better to burn the whole thing than try and salvage it. So I’m back to writing, in a sense. After this I plan to work my dialogue extensively, especially at the beginning. And then, for my fourth draft, I’m going to do a print.

Anyone willing to let me spend 10-12 dollars of their print quota on a 200 page novel, let me know.


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