Another project

Words Written: 906

No full header, this is the first stab at this project. I stopped a bit earlier than my intro idea would take me, but that’s generally a good idea, as that way I have something to do tomorrow night without too much extra thinking required. The first 900 words of this do a very vague job of actually introducing the protagonist, which worries me, but they provide a great hook, and I think I can work off this. My plan for tomorrow does put the character in an environment where she can be “shown off”, so to speak. And, I get to introduce Lars and Sam, a dynamic duo of bizarre and wacky proportions. Incidentally, I think my working title for now is “Last Lament”, though since Cory, not Lars is the central character, I may not keep it. Depends on when the secondary pivotal scene occurs. The primary, of course, happened before the novel’s start.


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