I’m doing something reckless

I switched stories nearly a third of the way into NaNo. That’s bad. However, after one night of writing my two are at parity already. That’s better. I’m going to try and be focused on writing for the rest of the week, so that I can get it up to “not going to fail” length before Friday. Since Friday’s the 13th, “not going to fail” length is a hair over 21,000 words. So if I write at the same rate I did today on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be caught up enough to write at a normal pace on Friday. Well, shit.

I did write 5,000 words in a sitting today, and I believe that I have enough to get to that 20,000 word mark without pushing it too much…the story that is, not my sanity.

I didn’t know NaNo would be this difficult, but I didn’t make it easy by picking such an existential and slow plot idea. This one makes a lot more sense, not to mention it’s finally the Lars story I’ve always wanted to write. And the fact that I want to write it makes me, well, write it. Here’s hoping for some stupid shit this week.


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