Low volume

Not doing much. Grad school is now in full swing, and is understandably owning my life. I’m still reading, and went through “World War Z” by Max Brooks. It was OK, the guy took himself way too seriously though. I took “The Zombie Survival Guide” out of the library, I seriously hope it’s more campy.

I’m currently reading “Passion is a Fashion” a biography of The Clash by Pat Gilbert. I’ve been at it since Saturday, and the book keeps drawing me back. I’m not much of a guy for celebrities, but I’ll admit that in high school I was ready to sell my kidney when Strummer and Jones whispered rumors of a reunion leading up to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…of course Joe died the next week, so it never really came to fruition.

I have been writing myself, putting down I’d estimate 2-3000 words on a vanity project, a sourcebook for a cyberpunk setting I wrote for a roleplaying game a few years ago. As I’m prepping for the first traditional session game I’ve run in nearly two years, it’s exciting…I’m really glad to have all these opportunities to write this disconnected stuff, and looking back on my old notes has even inspired me to think about fiction in the setting…there are some really good characters buried within the gunfights and computer hacking.

I suppose it is worth noting that I’ve compiled probably 15-20 pages of notes for my new game already, and the game hasn’t even started yet. For gamemasters who aren’t opposed to having a computer at the table, I’ll say that Microsoft OneNote, even without tablet functionality, is a brilliant program. No more flipping through notebooks for me.

I can’t guarantee a regular writing cycle…though I have many more books to read, and will try to push something up here if I have something to say about them.


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