I never update this thing anymore

But there’s so many things I want to say that just don’t seem right for Facebook statuses, and I still hate Twitter. Maybe if I try for daily updates again, I’ll get back into some sort of writing form in time for Nanowrimo. Yes, I’m doing Nano again, I need to challenge my self-discipline and time management skills. So, daily posts it is…let’s see if it lasts longer than my lasst exercise schedule. As a warning though, these posts may be completely useless.

Random websites that are awesome:
Songsterr.com: A Flash-based Guitar Tab player that has a decent collection of guitar and bass tabs. It’s fun and easy, and most features are available without a subscription.

MotoIq.com: Despite being a Jalopnik aficionado since near fuckin’ high school, I discovered this site only a few weeks ago…their tech articles are great, and the whole place is a lot more…”entry-level” friendly than most car blogs and websites.

thefuckingweather.com: Hilarious, but also actually easier to read than weather.com. Who’da thunk.


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