So that didn’t work

I’m not posting daily, but to be fair, I had a busy weekend. I’m realizing I’m once again putting a bit too much on my plate, but I still think I should be able to pull off doing Nano this year. I have altogether too many ideas, but I have a solid intro that begins in media res, or maybe it’ll just be the beginning. That decision will depend on the eventual structure, and to be honest, either way will work. I’m going to try and outline something, but that’ll probably come later. I have 20 days, and probably a solid 5,000 words that I know so far (yes, that’s not enough, but it’s enough to put off outlining until later).

The one thing I feel bad about is that I sent a lot of stuff out to some of my friends about running a GURPS game online…it’s going to fizzle like every other damn idea I have for online gaming. As it turns out, only meeting with people in person seems to really crank up my inspiration, and every time I have an opportunity like this it kind of drops off the map. Sorry guys. Price to pay for doing Nano and being out of college.


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