Let’s put more here

With a fair amount of free time on my hands, I’ve begun thinking about writing again. Looking at this blog, I was unable to maintain any consistent posting habits through grad school, and the posting I did prior was mostly held together by my writing, which had a daily discipline to it that I have had difficulty replicating since.

My plan at this point is to commit things to some media as often as possible, hopefully daily. Though this may be difficult without a big writing project, the fact is that I have lots of things I want to write, and lots of ideas that fly through my head. Writing them in a looser style could be helpful.

Additionally, I like the idea of having feedback, especially from people I know and care about. I’m willing to admit, I’ve cared too much in the past about having readership and people I don’t know commenting on my blog. It’s a lot of fun, yes, but advancing my writing and worldbuilding is probably best done first within the network of people I already know.

More on that.

I’m unashamed to admit that a huge amount of my creative impulses go towards writing gaming material. I have multiple campaign settings in various levels of detail and deviation from both the real world, and the original source material I used. The people who know my campaigns best are my players, and they’re really the ones who have the insight I like and need to hear.

My plan from here on out is to update once a day, in some capacity. This means that I’ll be writing about many things, though the focus of this blog will still be meta-writing, that is, writing about writing and the creative process. This includes stories, roleplaying games, crazy what-if scenarios, and probably other things pulled up from my mind. The important thing to me is putting things out there, and maybe having someone riff with me, though that may or may not ever happen.

To start: I’m running a game again, a Cyberpunk 2020 game set in a mildly canon version of Pittsburgh, where the nuclear accident noted in several sourcebooks has occurred, but not entirely depopulated the region. The players are members of a gang turned mercenary team, growing in notoriety, who are fighting corporate takeover and gentrification in the Pittsburgh area. It’s kind of the same thing most of my Cyberpunk games turn into: a massively overpowered arms race with some nutty characters and lots of explosions…but hey, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s scratching my itch to play with my old college gaming friends. Ultimately, I’m interested in some other gaming avenues, but gaming with people I know is worth the complications of playing over the internet, and ignoring my game ADD is probably helping my GM thought process in the long run. Anything that keeps my creative bug going is worth it to me, and having as much fun as I am makes using the same tropes much less frustrating than it has been in the past.

Tomorrow, expect something more detailed on my over-ambitious campaign settings, and their half-baked state. Tuesday, I’ll try and do a post-mortem of my Monday night gaming session.


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