A Whole New World

Over the past week or so, I came up with a new idea for a fictional world in which to set a game. I came to my idea by addressing exactly what it was I had been doing in the past, and why. For those of you don’t know my gaming history, the games I run overwhelmingly fall into one category: near future gritty sci-fi, potentially best placed in the overarching category “cyberpunk”. I have yet to escape it, and fortunately for me (maybe less for my players), I no longer really want to.

The problem for me is that there are certain parts of worldbuilding I really like, and they don’t really work so well when you’re writing some sort of future Earth setting. To be specific, I like making maps, and placing cities, and figuring out where they come from. And though I had some cool stories in my Street Level setting to explain how the cities are new and weren’t there before, doing that on a large scale requires a new world entirely. And my brain is not great with pretending that society is like normal, but on another planet.

But there’s a solution! My new game idea involves a group of people that are living on a foreign planet, colonized many hundreds of years in the future. Their society is starting to reach similar problems that Earth society is having now (environmental damage, resource scarcity, economic inequality), meaning that a lot of the hard-boiled/cyberpunk themes can still apply. The world is not anywhere near well-developed, but I feel that I now have a great canvas on which to paint something more “out there” than the traditional Cyberpunk shtick. I’m excited.

Tomorrow, a post considering the start of a first draft of a new novel. Wednesday, an open brainstorm of this new world. As such, I am openly calling for ideas, especially from any of my former players. Comment here, it’ll be awesome.


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