The Life and Times of Disaster Dan

I signed up for Play-By-Post game on a whim earlier this week, just because the logline had the word “Cyberpunk” in it. Since the game was on the Steve Jackson Games forums (the publishers of GURPS), this didn’t really mean much. In fact, the game is actually set in the universe of Cowboy Bebop (confirming my genre suspicions about the series), and the characters are, not surprisingly, bounty hunters in space, like the main characters of the anime. My character is a slippery type, named Disaster Dan.

I like playing face characters, that is, characters that are primarily about social interaction. My last big hit character was an Israeli spy named Rani ben’Omer, and he showed up in two games. He was a character that had a sense of humor (though showed it quietly), but was mostly very cynical. It was an odd stance for a religious character, but in the second campaign he showed up in, he loosened up a bit.

Disaster Dan may be a little looser to begin with. My current image of the character is one who thinks he’s so smart he can do anything, and outsmart anyone. It’s always fun to see characters like this fail, and hopefully he’ll get a style of his own. All my good characters truly evolve into their own personalities, and I see that in the characters my friends play as well. Dan has a lot of potential, and I’m going to have a lot of fun playing him. Though it wasn’t initially intentional, Dan’s character portrait is a picture of Michael Westen from Burn Notice. It’s an appropriate parallel, though Dan is hardly as physically capable. Nonetheless, he’s a smooth talker, smooth dresser, and thinks he’s more capable than he actually is. Let’s just hope the game is as fun to play as Burn Notice is to watch. I’m excited.

Tomorrow, a discussion of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. This weekend I’ll be out of town, but watch this space on Monday, the first day of writing for my next novel.


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