Fiction Writing

Recovering from hiccups

This weekend wasn’t great for writing. Today I made a step in the right direction of getting my rhythm back. Without further ado:

Words written: 875

Cumulative Words: 5146

Other writing? Today, not much. Weekend, one GURPS session.

I finished Snow Crash today. As a reread, I did pick up some new details, but overall, it’s the same nutty ride I remember it as. I really like Stephenson’s writing style, though it’s not really something I’m trying to emulate. That being said, I took a structural nod from him (and for myself), and am trying to write the novel in 2500 word chapters. I’ve finished two, and am now on the third. I don’t know how effective this will be, but it is forcing me to expand parts more than I would have otherwise, a boon for my terse writing style. I have lots of ideas, and hopefully the inciting force of the book will become clear in the next week or so. The protagonist’s dissatisfaction is beginning to come across in little fits and starts, and now I have a good idea to more pointedly use that negative energy in a future chapter. We’ll see what happens.


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