Failed Experiment

In case anyone noticed, my gaming blog didn’t last very long. In retrospect, I should have seen that I didn’t have all that much to write about. Ultimately, things don’t seem to hold my attention all that long, but with gaming, there’s a bigger issue going on behind the scenes, namely that I’m not gaming all that much. I’m playing in a game on Skype once a week-ish, my writing is slow, and I haven’t sat down at a gaming table with people in years. When the majority of your writing is done from the perspective of things in the past, it gets old, fast.

I do plan on continuing to write, though. This blog serves a solid purpose for me in cataloging all of my writing exploits. It’s slow at some times and updated more than daily at others, but it’s always been useful for me…that’s actually more than I can say about most of my other blogging projects.

I’m planning on writing a short piece for my gaming group at some point today, and I have both gaming and fiction ideas percolating in my head.If I’m feeling good, I may just drop the ambition of novel-length works, and write some short stuff (maybe even put it up here, who knows).

I also plan to solve my roleplaying problem. I’ll need to find other platforms to put the word out, but if any gaming groups in the Boston area can fit a narrativist with a distinct lack of whimsy who prefers to GM rather than play, let me know.


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