Fiction Writing

Real Life

Real life can suck sometimes. Hopefully not in the broad “I hate everything” sense, but in more focused ways. For instance, I don’t think there’s been a day of my adult life where life hasn’t conspired to keep me from doing something I want or need to do. A lot of it is my own inertia, which really makes everything worse. I have a good three hours every evening, but yet the best I manage to do in terms of something productive in my mind is to get a meal in me (and sometimes I don’t even manage that) and read a little…the rest goes to the gaping maw of the internet.

So now I have an idea, a good one, and I’m going to try to turn it into some writing. I’ve started outlining, a first for me, and want to be serious about this. This will mean, for one, restarting daily posts here, in an attempt to hold myself accountable. I’ve gotten a basic outline for the first third of the project tonight. Tomorrow night I plan on finishing the outline, and Tuesday night I’ll start writing. We’ll see if daily is achievable, it may not be, but if not, I’d at least like a daily update here. That way you all can read my excuses.


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