Fiction Writing


Yeah, I dropped the ball on daily posts after…one day. Oops. In my defense, I was writing, and got more outlining done. I’m now at an impasse. I have a vague idea of what transpires in the third act, it was the climax of the story that convinced me I had enough material, after all. However, it’s not really materializing further. Even the second act was hazy, and may get some rewrite as I put down substantial verbage leading up to it. So now I’m left with a dilemma: finish the outline, or say fuck it and start writing? I’m inclined toward the second. What further complicates things is that I know I’ll be writing this out of order, because the first chapter is planned to be in media res, and so will require nearly the entire first act to be done before I can really give it a whack. Nonetheless, writing now would probably be good. I have 20-30,000 words solidly outlined, 10-20,000 words vaguely sorta outlined, and about 20,000 words that will surprise me when I come to them. This may be the correct recipe for surprise in novel writing.


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