On Subarus

Yeah, I didn’t write anything tonight. But Wednesday’s Subaru night, and nothing is going to change that.

I go to car meets that are organized on an online forum, and spend the night with other Subaru owners, people who care about their cars and put a lot of work into them. Not only does it let me blather about cars for hours without anyone telling me to stop (some people are much worse at the blathering than me, even), but I get to talk to other people who share a common interest and, thanks to the type of masochistic people tuning and hot-rodding tends to attract, are like me in other ways as well.

Yeah, the car is definitely a fun part of it. But I’m still rolling up in a nearly stock wagon, looking at everyone else’s setups, and kind of being on the periphery. In the car conversations, I honestly don’t have that much to say. But we have lives, and thanks to our peculiar set of priorities, we look at things in life similar to each other. And there’s a strong in-group mentality. As much as I would have resented this in high school, I’m in a clique now. We may be more open in some ways than those high school groups that gave you preconceptions of the word, but in all honesty, the entry requirements are way steeper. I mean, you have to own a specific car.

But that’s where it’s interesting…everyone has something like that they can link into, they just need to find what appeals to them. The tragedy of high school was that there were so (relatively speaking) few people, that once the banding up had happened, it was easy to be left in the cold. If anything, it stung so much because everyone was kind of forced to know everyone else. I don’t know who goes to the Honda meets around here. Nor do I care. I don’t own a Honda. But I do own a Subaru, and I am modifying it. And it feels good to be in that crowd.

So you thought I was going to go on about cars, about my swaybar diameters and turbo type…nah. It’s about social dynamics. Attaching them to something I so obsess over anyway is just a bonus.

I think I’m going to give up trying to outline the third act of my novel in progress with nothing on the page. So my next writing update will be back to word counts. Let’s see if I can keep it up.


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