Fiction Writing

Can I keep this up?

949 words written.


I’m serious about this, at least doing 2,500 words a week if not more. Hopefully I’ll be writing at least 4 days a week, though ideally I’d like to be writing every day. Realistic goals, though.

I like what’s come out so far. The character is starting to pop a bit, develop his own self (which is not me, a problem I had when writing Scott in Fratricide), and go in a direction. The fact that I’m already looking at modifying the outline is most likely a good thing, as it means that the characters are starting to provide a bit of push. That being said, having the outline there helped me keep moving tonight, which means it’s already showed its use. As I do more of this, the motivation is going to be more fluid…I just need to write enough that there’s a base to build on. My guess at that for my other projects was 10,000 words, which I think is about right. And of course, there’s real life events that will be pulled into here…one of the advantages of writing what you know (and don’t worry, I’m not writing about cars, that’d get boring fairly quickly).


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