Fiction Writing

Let’s try this writing thing again.

1200 words tonight.

And I have plenty of ideas where to go. I’m reading up on all sorts of agricultural methods, and pondering how long the food supply of a moderately large city would last, faced with a population of around 1/50th its original capacity…really depends on how hurriedly everyone left, and what sort of apocalypse it was. Did I mention this is a post-apocalyptic story? Yeah. I’m thinking around it, and I think there’s some plausibility, though I am looking for exceptionally hardy crops to use. Barley fits that, though more will need to be considered. It is a potential conflict if the leader is particularly forward thinking, and there’s plenty of supplies at the moment. Of course, what I’m going to have to hit on relatively early is the trauma aspect, which means I need to go ahead and decide what this apocalypse is. All I know is that the story takes place in Pittsburgh, the region is isolated due to underground coal fires, and a lot of people are either gone or dead. And nukes are boring, so it’s not nukes. Hmmm.


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