Running the Game

At this writing, it’s been well over two years since I last ran a roleplaying session in person. I can’t being to describe how much I miss it. I’ll first say, playing over Skype has been a lot of fun, and I’m glad to have that avenue to continue playing with my old group. However, there’s something about in person sessions, actually rolling dice, and the camaraderie that comes from killing things and taking their stuff.

Admittedly, my efforts to find a local group in Boston have been half-hearted at best, but I’m discouraged at least in part by the fact that I don’t want to play D&D. Everyone knows how to play D&D, and it seems that 95% of the people out there are doing just that. Well, I’m not interested. Second, I seem to have very high expectations of what I want out of a gaming group. My gaming group in college was a strong part of my social circle, and I’d like to continue that. So that means finding gamers who are chill too, and have more things to talk about than NPCs and THAC0 (I’m generalizing, I know, put down the pitchforks). And besides, part of me is still very uncertain about meeting random people from the internet, especially in such a diverse group as those in this hobby. You may balk, but we all know at least one guy…

More than just the fear of meeting geeks over the internet, there’s the very real fact that beyond my system demands and out-of-game social demands, my play style doesn’t seem that common. I like to play fast and loose with rules, but still like crunch. At the same time, however, I’m all about story, and don’t care enough about the intermediate details to endure or even tolerate the sort of combat sessions that most 4e enthusiasts and even a lot of GURPS players enjoy. Even a more generic effort to find gamers interested in modern/sci-fi settings has borne no fruit so far.

I may sound like I’m being picky. However, at this juncture, I have yet to actually meet any players to be picky about. My efforts have admittedly been feeble, but I would like to know if there is some sort of special sauce for meeting gamers who play like you do, and then are cool enough to have a beer with after. If there is, tell me, because I’m dying to know. In the meanwhile, though I’m sure my college buddies would love to hear how irreplaceable they are, we’re still limited to Skype.

The only thing that makes this really sad is that I have been more successful finding women to date than I have been finding local gamers to play with. What gives?


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