Game Fiction and Worldbuilding

Writing the piece last night was interesting, because it brought my world into focus in a way it hadn’t been in a long time, not since I was actually running it. Though I did have a foundational idea around the section of the setting the Ben Davis stories will revolve around, the setting was missing a bit of “feel” still. To be perfectly honest, only the Astropolis portion of the setting really popped in the original game…which makes sense, as it was the most original part of the setting. But now, given some framing, what’s admittedly a more derivative portion of the world is starting to get a little character. I have several more vignettes planned around this character, as well as some plot holding it all together. Let’s see how much can be developed before I run the setting again.

I will say, I enjoy the kind of noir feel I’m giving this. Between the character and the serial format, things are clicking a bit.


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