Why I’m back

OK, going to try this again.

My mission statement has not changed. That being said, I think I’m going to try and lighten up the mood. I reread the posts I put up before, and realized that they’re a bit dry, and prescriptive. Prescriptive? Who wants that in a gaming blog? Ultimately, how you have fun is not going to be the same as how I do, and it makes more sense for me to write like that. I’m going to try and share my experience, rather than write an instructional guide. After all, I’m hardly an authority.

The plan is for my first real new update to go up this coming Monday. Subject? A eulogy for Cyberpunk 2020, at least in my GMing eyes. In the meanwhile, read over my introductory posts, and feel free to comment about what you do or don’t like. Either way, here’s to more regular posting.


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