It’s still going, I swear!

Despite not writing about it, my group recently had session 5 of my GURPS Cyberpunk game. It’s been picking up quite a bit since session 2, and evolving a bit of tension that I’m enjoying immensely. For whatever reason, this time around escalation has not been as much of a problem as it has been in other Cyberpunk games. I think part of it is GURPS, but a big part of it is how I’m developing the tension. There’s a lot in the game that’s unseen, including the motivations of the players and the main NPCs. and I have a great surprise in store too. I realize now that it’s going to be impossible to go into more detail without spoilers, but let me assure you: things are getting good. My goal of having a lofty conceptual sandbox is mostly dashed, but writing using Pondsmith’s meta-character platform has been very useful for me, and a fun exercise. And for several reasons, this feels like a game I want to run. I realize it’s not because it’s Cyberpunk. It’s because there’s intrigue, and a lot of freedom. It’s high tension, the players are engaged, and it’s not even really much different than previous games. I think the writing for this one is really standing up on its own, even if half of it is made up every session. And my players will never see the twist coming.


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