And then, from out of nowhere

I had an idea today. It came from reading Gibson’s Distrust That Particular Flavor, and a few other retrospectives on the Cyberpunk genre in addition. In essence, what authors like William Gibson, Charles Stross, Neal Stephenson and others are all wondering is what the next techno-fictional exploration that will resonate in the way cyberpunk did. Now, I don’t know the answer, but I do know one technological trend that affects my life: social networking and ubiquitous computing. Is this the next big thing in sci-fi? Probably not. But I’m 1,200 word in on night 1. So it can’t be all that bad. Let’s hope I can see this one through…no writing goals, no schedules, just two things:

1. Write every day.

2. Finish this damn story.

It’s all I can ask for after my current dry spell. It reminds me that writing makes me happy…and my day job doesn’t.


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