Too many things to do

So, here’s the thing.

Ultimately and historically, I’m terrible at keeping regular blogs. Both of my previous WordPress blogs had periods of time where I was able to post multiple times a week for a regular basis. Those time periods were, ultimately, short. But what I want to do here is to give a platform to all the, well, random shit I do. It’s a more consistent profile than trying to build an audience through more narrow subject matter.

Today serves as an interesting example. Shortly after I woke up today, I logged onto Skype and played Shadowrun with my college friends for a solid 4 hours. Shortly after that, I walked outside and removed my car’s intercooler on a lark to see if the new one would fit. It didn’t so then I put the car back together again. Then, after watching a bunch of random TV shows, I’m now writing.

My belief is that if I allow myself to write about more things happening in my life, I’ll write more often. That, and I’m becoming less afraid of just writing for the sake of it. After my high school blogging phase, I thought of a lot of what I wrote as, well, for lack of a better term, self-indulgent bullshit. It may very well be. But at least now I like to believe I have things to say. There are certainly a lot of things people don’t care about in my daily life, but at least I know that somewhere in this dank morass we call the internet, there are people modding their cars, people who like to play roleplaying games, and people who want to write.

And I’m sure I will find a limited audience that, like myself, wants to do all three.

As for the car, nothing interesting will happen until the new intercooler hose comes in the mail. Then there may be pictures. As for gaming, there will probably be another Shadowrun session, but a chance to expopund on the campaign and the game before that. And as for writing, I’m perfectly happy admitting that I have no projects on the table right now other than this blog. That being said, I will at some point during this month rant about NaNoWriMo. Among other things, NaNoWriMo got me hit by a car.


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