At the behest of a friend, I started using the journaling platform OhLife. The service sends you an email every day which serves as a prompt to write a journal entry about your day. I did this partially to catalog everything I had been doing, and partially to nudge myself back into writing. My thought was that a little bit of word count and some reflection would get my juices flowing and help me think creatively.

To be frank, it didn’t really work. I’m going to still use OhLife, mainly because I do want to have a record of things I’ve done, places I’ve gone, movies I’ve seen. For that, it’s working out quite nicely, even though I do fall behind occasionally. But in terms of actual inspiration and everything else, I’m not finding it all that effective. It has clued me in to something interesting, though. Like everyone in the world, my life has its share of difficulties. Maybe it was an odd gloomy day, or an argument with my girlfriend, the particulars rarely matter. But what I noticed was that these sorts of things made going writing the OhLife entry difficult, and I passed over the details of these difficulties with an almost painful awareness of what I was doing. It was so clear that I would not push further, I would not reflect on the moment, even if doing so would be helpful or enable me to grow.

And that’s why I’m back here. For those of you keeping count, my last entry here was in January. As far as my multiple avocations, I have paid someone to put a sway bar in my car (and made a bunch of smaller repairs and modifications that I’m likely not giving myself enough credit for), and am currently slogging through what is becoming an increasingly self-indulgent Exalted campaign, fantasizing about GMing something else and occasionally being that player who breaks immersion and makes sarcastic comments. On the plus side, my job continues to get more interesting, I’ve moved, and maybe, just maybe, I have this writing itch I need to scratch again.

More than anything else, I need to get off the damn high horse, because this is a personal blog. Yes, it’s amusing that I have many hobbies I can’t seem to get rid of. But at the end of the day, it’s really about writing. For this reason, I’m considering shifting back to my Metablog URL, and focusing on the writing, conceding that some (most?) of it will be self-indulgent crap. I can write about cars sometimes, but it’s not like I have that much to say. My Subaru isn’t a journey, it isn’t a project. I paid some money and now have a faster car. I like doing the work on it myself. It doesn’t break often enough to be dramatic, and trust me that’s fine. And gaming? The games themselves are only sometimes interesting, hell, sometimes they aren’t even interesting to me while I’m playing them. And the rest is really just an extension of writing. So I think I’ll cut the crap here, because writing is really what I wanted to do in the first place. So maybe going back to the platform that had started to gain a little bit of credibility makes the most sense. It’s been fun, but I have a lot of cobwebs to clear out. Guess I can start with a cross-post.


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