I never give up

Just like I said, I wrote the first bit to this story I had the idea for. On the plus side, I have so many ideas for it. It’s literally nuts, the number of places I could take this to. On the minus side, starting to write is fucking hard. I think I’ve gotten a bit of exposition, but it feels slow. On the other hand, I haven’t really introduced any characters yet, just one guy an d the fact that the world’s turning off around him. I did want to spend some time making it feel bad, but it hasn’t gone too far yet. I think once we meet another character there will be more chances to move around. I also don’t want to give away too much right at the very beginning; that being said, it isn’t clear that this makes things suspenseful, or just confusing.

Oh well. I’ll keep on pushing. It’s not all fun and creative enlightenment, I’ve got to do some work, too. 850 words down, God knows how many to go.


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