Yes, I’m not quite keeping up with my thrice a week writing schedule. I don’t quite care, and here’s why:

In the past, especially when my writing was primarily blogging, I’d castigate myself for not being able to regularly have anything to write about, and not being able to generate three measly blog posts a week. This self-criticism would overlook the gulf between writing how much I wanted and writing not at all, and since I equated writing less than I wanted with writing not at all, it slowly turned into writing not at all. I have plans for this project, even if the beginning is slow. I’m getting into the meaty part, slowly, but I want to keep at it even if I’m not writing everyday like a madman, or even if I write less often than I wanted, because it turns out I have this thing called a life I need to keep track of. Having a life and being busy are perfectly reasonable excuses for missing a writing night every once in a while, but they are shitty excuses for not writing at all. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Oh well. What was I on about? Right. 900 words or so again. As I said, I’m getting to the interesting part, I left myself on a cliffhanger intentionally to have a nice springboard when I return to it in a couple of days.


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