I was playing Bejeweled today after doing some errands, and it occurred to me that I’m wasting perfectly good writing time. Another 900 words, which is nothing huge but definitely worth the effort. It’s important to be reminded that procrastination only takes a bit of willpower to overcome. I generally feel like shit when I waste a large block of productive time, so investing effort in something makes me feel better as well, way in excess of the effort I need to put in to make the time productive.

I’m blessed to be in a job situation where I can have blocks of time to myself on weekends and in evenings. That being said, I squander a lot of them. I have social engagements several times a week, I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, but I still end up in front of my computer doing nothing once or twice a week. It is nice to write, but in general I’m ineffectual about using this time. I’m sure as anyone who has bothered to read this knows, I don’t write that much and I rarely have the self-discipline to do it consistently. But it crosses into other aspects of my life as well. I have friends, but I feel like I have a very limited social life. This isn’t entirely true, but the extent to which it is true is based on my own lazy aversion to planning anything. So who’s fault is that? If I want to do something with my time, I need to call the shots and make some plans. I’m going to try and do more of just that.


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