This has been a fairly long hiatus for me, even considering how bad I am at posting regularly. I have no excuse for it starting, but Thanksgiving is probably one reason it continued…all in all, I’ve been busy and unmotivated, which I’m going to (conveniently) blame on Daylight Savings Time.

My writing has trailed off, again, unsurprisingly. I don’t exactly know what among my slush pile will best motivate me, or if I should continue stabbing at new ideas…I’ll probably keep throwing things around, maybe put some more words down on the page. I have some interesting shorter bits I want to write, which you may see here in the future.

I also recently read a fantastic book, which both caused me to consider my ideas and greatly discouraged me. The book was Player of Games by Iain M. Banks, and it was fantastic. And of course, since it was unlike any science fiction I have ever read before, it caused me to wonder what I should be writing myself. Needless to say, I’m probably way too self-critical to have any of these projects go anywhere. I’m continuously trying to work on that.