Happy New Year. Oy.

Welcome back from the holiday hiatus of the MetaBlog (or, the “Aaron has an excuse for why he hasn’t written for a month” hiatus of the Metablog). In this time, some interesting things have happened. I will write at length later, but for now: I have found a gaming group! After bitching and moaning about how much I game (or didn’t game, as it were), I’ve found a cool group of people near me that I’m playing Fate with. I will talk about Fate in more depth later, as it’s a pretty cool system.

As for other writing, I have no output and plenty of excuses as to why. That’s not particularly useful, of course. But I have some ideas as to what’s been intriguing me recently, and I will divulge those at a later point.

Of course, this space will come with more promises to make more consistent blog posts, which are probably hollow. That being said, I will make an effort to put more ideas and reflections here. The less I feel pressured to write 500+ words every time, the more likely it is that some of my bizarre ramblings will make it to the 3 people who read this blog (not including my Mom).


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