Fast Company: Facebook, Google, and Sony are getting ready to fight a Cyberpunk war


I post this because I’m an unabashed lover of the cyberpunk milieu, be it in books, films, or video games. That being said, the idea that we’re about to enter a VR war reminiscent of 80s novels is, frankly, ludicrous. VR appears to finally be an additive element to media in comparison to its earlier iterations (remember Virtual Boy?), but to think this suddenly changes our perspective of virtual worlds is naive at best. The social changes wrought by virtual worlds came along with EVE and World of Warcraft, and putting goggles over your head won’t change that. Glass has more potential to be interesting in terms of online/offline experience integration, but the fact that the author here utters them in the same article is, to me, proof that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. The way I see it, Google Glass will do little more than prevent some car accidents from people staring down at their phones. The disruption of offline life by online life started with the iPhone, and the next disruption is unlikely to come from the likes of Glass (and certainly not Oculus Rift).


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