Climate Catharsis

I think the opinion here is interesting. If climate change deniers and other religious debaters (i.e. those who use faith as a substitute for logic) can’t be reasoned with, the best course of action may indeed be to laugh at them.

The Dish

Emmett Rensin feels the rise of Bill Nye as a “climate change star” is “deeply rooted in how the left engages in debates over scientific reality”:

Bill Nye calls his new life as a political pundit a “patriotism.” It’s a war he probably won’t win. If the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can’t convince the diehard climate-change deniers, the Science Guy probably doesn’t stand a chance. But his performance so far hasn’t disappointed, and that’s exactly the point: It’s a performance. That may be exactly what the rational side, exhausted from years of outrage and alarm, needs today. If the deniers cannot be reasoned with like adults, then at least let’s be entertained by the dismantling of their arguments and exposure of their ignorance—if only to make us laugh, and thereby preserve our sanity. And given that reasoning, who better to debate these intransigent skeptics than an impossibly patient ex-comedian…

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