New Republic: Stop beating up on Nate Silver!


There’s an interesting review of the critiques Silver has received here, but the question it makes me ask is a more basic one: how much of this criticism is based on the quality of the work (which would be deserved) and how much is based on the unfamiliarity of his medium and approach (which would be largely unwarranted)?

Tesla and Uber have been the champion martyrs of disruptive innovation this year, but I think both FiveThirtyEight and Vox (Ezra Klein’s venture) need to be watched closely. I do concede I highly admire both of these journalists, but it’s nonetheless important to look at what they’re creating, and what they want to do to media at large. I believe media needs a shakeup, and unlike many I have no qualms about sending the fat and happy legacy print institutions right down the tubes if it improves access to information for the typical person.


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