New Republic: Hungry Caterpillar: The Profound Hypocrisy of Corporate Tax Avoidance


Perfect to jump on my criticism of Google for their lack of corporate citizenship. Tax avoidance is nothing more than an example of corporate irresponsibility. It is an effort to bolster bottom lines at the expense of the hosts which those corporations draw support, employees and other benefits from. The reason no debate can really be had about the corporate tax rate is that corporations do very little to show that they deserve more deferential treatment.

Is this true of all companies? Of course not. But when you see firms like Caterpillar and Google working in their self-interest to the exclusion of the countries which provide their workforce and customer base, you have to think that maybe long-term planning isn’t their strong suit.

Caterpillar dodging taxes when they sell construction equipment (to the government, even). Wal-Mart paying their employees as little as possible while directly marketing to the exact socioeconomic group their workforce comes from. Doesn’t anyone else see how profoundly stupid these business practices are? Long-term thinking apparently doesn’t exist in publicly-held companies at the rate it needs to.


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