Slate: The Secret Life of a Food Stamp


When I talk about poor corporate citizenship, this is it. Companies absorb the economic benefits of food stamp programs not only by serving that segment of the population, but also by squeezing the wages of their own workers? Seriously? The Henry Ford strategy definitely applies here, as the lack of disposable income in this segment is dragging not only Wal-Mart but the whole economy down. Does Wal-Mart want the country to succeed, or do the Waltons just want to hoard money? There should be a tax for businesses whose workers collect benefits…every employee, full-time or part-time. And it should be more than the amount of pay needed to prevent the worker from needing said benefits. Companies who understand the nature of corporate citizenship would pay nothing; the real welfare queens of the world like Wal-Mart would suddenly be uncompetitive. Everyone wins.


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