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Coming on the heels of the Eich article I posted the other day, Andrew Sullivan has a view strongly in opposition to mine, which he expresses well. This is a collection of dissents from his readers, and his responses. Very interesting. Ultimately, though, while I understand decrying these sorts of mob actions, a company CEO is a public figure, and making a public statement that runs counter to the widely held belief of your customers is rarely a good idea. Though Sullivan has made me consider what the consequences of these sorts of actions are…I do find myself softening my views with regards to the power of collective disapproval. The mob is a dangerous thing, even when its intentions are ultimately good.

The Dish


Among the scores of upset readers rattling the in-tray:

I’m going to disagree with you, quite strongly, about the resignation of Brendan Eich. While I agree that he is certainly entitled to his point of view, and to take actions in support of that point of view, he is not entitled to face no consequences from those actions. That’s all this is: consequences. If he truly has the strength of his convictions, he will consider this a necessary sacrifice. Were I to loudly proclaim a belief in the inherent inferiority of other ethnicities than my own, and take actions to enshrine that belief into law, would I not reasonably expect to face consequences?

He’s not going to prison; he just has to find a new job. For someone with his abilities, that should not be difficult. I just imagine it will be done more quietly this time.

As I said last…

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