A Bachelor’s Degree In Gettin’ Paid, Ctd

Some comments on student loans from over the weekend. I am still indebted to my alma mater, though I’d hardly call my situation problematic. That being said, I will not donate money to my school (beyond token donations of 5-10 dollars while physically at events) until my loans are paid off. One would believe that if the schools trimmed off students still indebted from their donation call lists it would pay back in goodwill years later.

The Dish

Alexander Aciman’s plea for colleges to stop hitting up indebted grads for donations hit a nerve with readers:

I told Chicago (“The U of C” in my time before their ungrammatical and inelegant rebranding as “UChicago”) they would never see another cent from me as long as the president, Robert Zimmer, was making such crazy, truly crazy, money: $3.4 million at last count, in 2011. I said the same to Harvard – zillions in hand and poor-mouthing all the time.

I have benefited greatly from my education and the opportunity that derives from my degrees from both institutions, but I end up giving my own modest philanthropic dollars to the small liberal arts college where I teach. We don’t have very many big government grants, much less DOD or DOE contracts, propping up the STEM fields. We instead have a relatively poor alumni base of public servants, teacher, preachers, and country doctors, not investment bankers and hedge…

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