io9: Chilis cancels fundraising for anti-vaccination autism group


This is just to put a bow on my opinions regarding public condemnation. The Eich case has aroused controversy because a man ended up losing his job for an opinion that appeared to have little to do with the job at hand. I accept that is controversial, and continued debate in my opinion highlights the importance for free speech and the ability to disagree in public fora (which still has little to do with governmentally guaranteed free speech). This case, however, is one where public outcry and shouting down (in this case, shouting down an organization) provides a benefit. There is no debate about vaccinations and autism; there are simply those who agree with rigorous science and those who lean on discredited (i.e. false) science. I can say with certainty there is no statistical link between autism and vaccines. That is a true statement. And those who say otherwise need to be dressed down before they hurt someone.


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