The Quality Of Mercy

My last post on this.

This quote stood out to me: “The ability to work alongside or for people with whom we have a deep political disagreement is not a minor issue in a liberal society. It is a core foundation of toleration.” From my experience, there are many, many technically trained people out there who never really learned how to tolerate views inconsistent with their own (due to my own engineering education, I’ve unfollowed many of them on Facebook). While this has been mostly tolerable due to the generally liberal and tolerant upbringing that breeds a computer science or engineering student, it still produces some very inflexible, narrow thinkers (see the San Francisco gentrification posts). So based on Eich’s position at Mozilla, and the true roots of whose complaints mattered (i.e. developers who worked with them), is this just the logical extreme of Revenge of the (socially awkward) Nerds?

The Dish


Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of emails about the Mozilla-Eich affair. My readers overwhelmingly disagree with me for a host of reasons. But I have to say that this time, the more I have mulled this over, the more convinced I am that my initial response to this is absolutely the right one. And not just the right one, but a vital one to defend at this juncture in the gay rights movement.

So let me concede all of the opposing arguments that have been deployed to defend the public shaming and resignation of Brendan Eich. To recap those points: This was not the “gay left” as such, but the “techie straight left” more broadly. Sure (I’ve been to San Francisco). He wasn’t fired; he resigned. Undisputed. Mozilla is not your usual company. Obviously not. Being CEO is different than being just a regular employee and requires another…

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