Wired: What’s driving Google’s wild moonshots? Desperation

What’s Driving Google’s Wild Moonshots? Desperation

Uh, no. Google has always been about expanding its paradigm, back to when GMail was a moonshot. This tale of declining profits is told by someone who doesn’t understand the tech industry…where everyone tells a story of declining profits if they don’t keep moving. It’s like this person just discovered that all of Silicon Valley is essentially filled with salmon metaphorically swimming against the current of obsolesence, something a reasonably trained business observer should understand with little if any specialized training.

Google has always been a moonshot company. Always. Now though, their blue oceans are no longer strictly in online business. Self-driving cars are a very interesting way to leverage one of the most well-known online mapping and location services, aren’t they?

You probably won’t see me link to Wired that often. If this article has shown me anything, it’s that they need to hire more writers who understand what they’re writing about.


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