Gizmodo: California’s Drought Is So Bad, They’re Drinking Toilet Water


I’ve been keeping tabs on the California drought both because of its impact on power (both directly on hydro and also on cooling for other plants, which is a big deal) and also because of the climate change questions it brings to the fore. As we continue to get more and worse effects from increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, are these droughts going to get more frequent and worse? We don’t have enough statistical evidence yet, but the implications aren’t good so far.

This article is interesting because it shows just how much technological ignorance can hurt people. Reverse osmosis produces incredibly clean water, and wastewater treatment in aggregate is a very advanced industry. Yet, people still get hung up on “toilet water”. Californians would do well to get un-hung up, because this summer they may not be able to afford to put water in their toilets in the first place.


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