Gizmodo: WSJ: The FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules Will OK Pay-to-Play


I try to avoid links-within-links, but the Wall Street Journal has a total paywall and Gizmodo’s commentary is interesting.

Although people cry censorship when talking about net neutrality, there are very few things on the web that would be significantly affected by preferential bandwidth vis a vis free speech. The free market could be devastated.

If you imagine Comcast signing a deal with Youtube, smaller competitors like Crackle and Vimeo would be devastated. Facebook could do the same to shut out competitors of their service, and you can imagine a search engine war becoming a bit hotter.

It’s not good for competition because it cuts out the customer who would otherwise benefit. Instead we get more monopolies and more watered-down bullshit for choices, like we already have in TV.

My hope for what this will produce? DNS spoofing. While it’s not illegal to give bandwidth preference anymore, it has not and will not be illegal to circumvent those preferences in a technical manner. My advice to all the net neutrality activists out there: keep close tabs on the technology being used to actually tier the internet, and help to circumvent it. Information wants to be free.


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