iO9: New smallpox-like virus emerges


This isn’t meant to be alarmist, just to remind you to pay close attention to the vaccination stories, and the bullshit that comes out of them.

To start, there are very good reasons we don’t do systematic smallpox vaccinations. First, smallpox is essentially extinct, only existing in labs. Second, the smallpox vaccine really was kind of nasty, as it was literally a live virus (which most modern vaccines are not). Still, even when the intended target is essentially dead, there are other risks.

I doubt another pox virus out there will be that much of a big deal, even hearing the story of how it was transmitted makes me think of cowpox, the mild virus that was the first test case for smallpox inoculation. That being said, if we start seeing mutations like this in the measles family, because there mothers out there who are morons…well, it won’t be good for anyone.


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