Engadget: United States credit card system begins complete overhaul in the next 18 months


I was examining payment innovations while working in consulting about 3 years ago, and it hardly surprises me that the US is such a laggard. Our payment landscape is owned by Mastercard and Visa, and monopolies create problems, as I’ve said before. In fact, the cynic in me says the timing, while probably affected by the data breach noted in the article, is probably orchestrated by Visa and Mastercard. Though it’s clear they’d want to avoid spending money, now would be a perfect time to throw a big bill at the feet of their disruptive competitors. Honestly, though, it won’t stop progress. I honestly think overturning the bipolar monopoly in payments will do more for advancing technology in the economy than any other monopoly we have to deal with…telecom comes close, admittedly.


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