The Daily Banter: 7 Lame Excuses For Why White Men Dominate Your Favorite Liberal Sites


I try not to get into the weeds as far as politics go, but it’s probably not hard to surmise that I lean left, with a good shot of pro-market technocracy thrown in. Still, as far as social issues go (where my politics aren’t that confusing), I feel like the media generally does a disservice to the very people they claim to champion. We live in a culture of disenfranchisement, and the media go ahead and prove, day after day, that observing this is easier than actually doing something about it. And frankly, I don’t have any particular issue with companies hiring the best out of the available pool…but when that available pool is lily white, maybe someone should go back down the road and find a root cause.

My personal theory is that education in minority groups for whom college access is expanding skews towards professional degrees. If you arere the first in your family to go to college and have a real shot to do better than your parents, journalism school is a terrible idea…you’re going to go for business, engineering…maybe pre-law or pre-med if you’re ambitious. Journalism school is for white kids who have parents to fall back on when they find out that they aren’t particularly marketable. And you can replace journalism with virtually any other humanities major. There’s nothing wrong with a well-curated liberal arts education…but it won’t get you a job. That you still have to do yourself.


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