Washington Post: How America became uncompetitive and unequal


As I keep saying: monopolies, bad, mmmkay? This is confirming at a more macroeconomic level what we see at a microeconomic level looking at the impacts of monopoly-busters like Uber and Tesla. The rest of the economy needs more of this, so we can put pricing pressure on people selling us things once again. It’s no coincidence that items that can be produced anywhere and shipped, items like electronics and cars, are seeing enormous gains in value for money (electronics are becoming cheaper, cars are becoming more powerful and feature-rich at relatively similar price points). However, things that can’t be imported or shipped, items like health care and food, keep on increasing in price. This is because our internal corporate economy is broken.

This is where I start understanding and supporting the local movement: the less you support monopolists, the better. That being said, in areas where there is competition, it benefits both you and the market to buy the best product, not the one made near you.


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