FiveThirtyEight: Is Sam Adams too big to be craft beer?


Beer is definitely a hot topic for me. And my opinion on the lead question mirrors that of some commenters: who cares? Sam Adams makes solid beers that taste a lot better than the multinational corporate crap. Would I take a Dogfish Head over a Sam Adams? Yes. Am I given that choice in any random bar I walk into? Rarely.

I’d also want to comment briefly on their data set: as a user of Untappd, I can say that is a big swirling pool of bias, and one that everyone needs to look at in terms of the broader reality. The vast majority of beer drinkers still aren’t craft beer enthusiasts, so the opinion of craft beer enthusiasts only answers a pointless question. The popularity and sales of both Sam Adams and Yuengling come from selling beer to normal people who don’t particularly give a fuck, even if they do have enough taste buds to know that Bud’s watery corn juice is a waste of money.


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