The Dish: Naturally Nonsense

Naturally Nonsense

Revisiting this topic briefly.

As an educated consumer, all you need to know is that the average consumer knows very little about nutrition, and the average mass market food company has no intent to change that. These labels are simply ways to get us to react and buy products.

The point about “natural” labeling in particular is an important one. The label means nothing, legally, but I’d go one step further and claim the idea is meaningless as well. The difference between a strain of wheat that was selectively bred since the times of ancient Egypt to gain a certain set of characteristics and one where genes were manipulated in a lab to achieve the same end is minimal at best, possibly even none at all. And just like with fracking, this anti-intellectual paranoia is both starving people and preventing society from actually adopting reasonable standards on genetic modification that provide transparency that is needed.


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