Wonkblog: Nestle USA’s CEO explains how food policy is failing America


Continuing on the food trend. First, I think this article is poorly titled, as the interview doesn’t discuss policy much at all. Still, it’s interesting to see a corporate perspective on this. It’s true that as a food conglomerate, Nestle must try and actually feed its customers. Of course, that means that they’re marketing and product design is still focused on a way to make customers buy. The comments on salt, in particular, are quite illuminating…it’s an honest corporate message, which is not a bad thing. In essence, “we should reduce salt in our foods, but if we do and no one else does, their products will taste better.” There’s nothing wrong with considering it from that perspective, and it’s certainly not Nestle’s responsibility to make us eat healthier. As long as you remember that they are obligated to sell and you are not obligated to buy, their perspective (and where the responsibility should lie) becomes more clear.


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